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About I Do, Illustration

My name is Tyler and I am the artist behind I Do, Illustration.


When I was first approached by my friend Jessica ( @theorangestreetphotographer on IG - check her out, her work is phenomenal ), and she proposed ( pun ABSOLUTELY intended ) that I do custom wedding portrait illustrations to include in some of her photography packages - I was super nervous.

Up until that point I'd really only done minimal portrait work and capturing something as monumental as a wedding illustration seemed like a big ask, but ask she did. So, needless to say, I agreed - and between her unwavering faith in my abilities and the continued support of my wife, I have been working with her for 2 years creating wedding portrait illustrations for amazingly beautiful couples all over the Tampa Bay area. 


And that's it. I take a beautiful moment, a stillness captured between breaths - outside of time - and create an artistic iteration that preserves that moment. So that when they look back they can smile and remember fondly the beginning of their journey as partners in marriage and have a piece of art that illustrates their love and commitment.

That's my vow.

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